Helena Bosch Vidal
Design & research

The very thing for ladies
In collaboration with Laura Haensler


The Very Thing for Ladies, is a music performance about the emancipation of female pleasure through the history of the vibrator and its design.


This project emerges after the MA thesis Good Vibrations. From Repression to Stimulation in 2019. The thesis is a chronological and critical review of the design, use, and discourse of vibratory objects in the western world, from the late 19th century until the second half of the 20th century.

The Very thing for Ladies attempts to translate the theory from the thesis into a physical format, using music, voice, performance, and ultimately vibrations as a medium to reach the audience. They both unveil the history of electronic vibrations from the perspective of the oppressed, sick, and manipulated bodies.

Helena Bosch Vidal and Laura Haensler perform different songs using only vibrators as instruments, mixing both pre-recorded and modified sounds and life vibrations. They play electronic music to recall the club culture, where queer bodies find a space of liberation and freedom.

Concept and performance by Helena Bosch Vidal & Laura Haensler
Filmed by Pau Saiz Soler
Make up by Chaïm Vischel
Clothes by Saloméja Jaquet

“L’usage de sextoys dans le travail de design d’Helena Bosch Vidal et Laura Haensler relève d’une approche féministe des plaisirs. La performance évoque l’oppression historique des femmes par l’empêchement de la jouissance sexuelle, qui permet l’exploitation du corps en tant que force de travail – ce travail domestique dont les outils imitent, comme par accident, la structure des vibromasseurs. Cette proposition installe un regard sur la mise au travail non seulement des corps, mais aussi des instruments qui garantissent l’asservissement, soumis ici à un examen anatomique et musical”

Saul Pandelakis - LINK TO FULL TEXT