Helena Bosch Vidal
Design & research

A body of her own

2019, MA final project

A body of her own is a design project that questions bodies, identities and the way we represent them. It focuses on how the female body has been depicted in Western World throughout history. The project is drawn from the idea that women body has been treated as something to look at, to be displayed on behalf of the pleasure of the one that observes it, rather than the desire of the portrayed body.

The project proposes the relocation of the power above the female body and image, moving it from the eye of the men to the decision of each woman on themselves.

Using design as an investigation method, 10 attempts to re-draw female iconography have been created. Each of them takes the shape of an object of medium to reshape, position and rethink female body.

Each prototype refers to different images or artifacts that affected women physicality along the time. The printed edition has been developed with Maximilien Pellegrini, a Swiss graphic designer who set a basic grid that would allow an adaptable system to compile the information of the process.

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