Helena Bosch Vidal
Design & research

In collaboartion with Beatriz Granado

Congress of Spoons, Milano Salone 2019
MA Space and Communication, HEAD - Genève.

Rock back and forth and use one’s own movements to create an arousing personal visual experience. Peep o-scope proposes a kinetic representation of the spoon animated through individual interplay.Described by Disegno as “a bewilderingly erotic seat which visitor need to straddle, embrace, and rock in order to view an undulating kaleidoscope of spoons hidden within”*

Cabinet designed for the Congres of Spoons, an exhibition exploring the narrative power of objects and our relationship with them.  

*disegnodaily article, 2019

Exhibiton curated by El Ultimo Grito and Arno Mathies. Original concept by Eleonora Pizzini.