Helena Bosch Vidal
Design & research

Dansez sur ce ciel violet. Vous ne me voyez pas.
In collaboration with No Anger

Spielact Festival, 2021

Dansez sur ce ciel violet. Vous ne me voyez pas represents the story of a woman's emancipation in the form of a playful art installation. The story can be experienced by moving through different spaces, in order to feel, in our own bodies, the sensations she describes.

The narrator addresses the audience. She transcribes the bodily sensations, delivering her intimate thoughts, her lesbian desire, her fantasies, her power and the violence that manifests itself towards her dissident body.

The story will be read aloud, accompanied by music and a dance performance. In addition, fragments of the text will be integrated into the installation.

Full text pdf
by No Anger

Text by No Anger
Installation by Helena Bosch Vidal
Reading by Mathilde Forget
Saxophone Bera Romarione